eBook retrieval

Click here to retrieve lost purchases or get updated versions (if available) the fast way.

Aw, shit! You have to go the long way round. Let me explain:

If you bought a book here before circa 2021, your purchase did NOT automatically create a user account on this site. Without a user account, you can’t check your purchase history. So what we’ll do is this:

  1. Create an account below. The email addres HAS to match with the one you used for your purchase! User name and password are unimportant, but weird names make it hard for me to troubleshoot any problems.
  2. You’ll get TWO mails. Ignore the one about your account info and don’t use that login link either. Click on the link  in the ‘verify your account’ email instead. You will end up on a page where you can see your previous purchase(s) and download them.
  3. Don’t do anything else. Don’t log out, don’t change browsers, don’t be weird or smart and don’t go through /wp-admin, there be dragons.
  4. Forget your chosen user name or password, you won’t need them the next time. There is no need to store them in a password manager.
  5. Got a problem? Contact me. I don’t mind! ron's email

Due to spammers creating fake accounts, I am now manually approving registrations. Using weird names is a great way to get me to think you’re a bot. Also, it might take a few hours before I get to you. – RD

Okay, here we go:

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