If you didn’t get your download, read this

Some people leave email addresses that just don’t work or hav
Others make typing errors (like .nnet)

It’s a royal pain in the ass. I don’t want to violate your privacy by Googling or Facebooking my customers, but that means I have to wait until you reach out to me.

In some cases, people simply can’t be reached. Even the verified email of their Paypal accounts bounces or has other problems, like a special verification protocol that my payment system can’t handle. (Don’t buy stuff using those kinds of email addresses, seriously.)

Will the following people please reach out to me on a DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS so I can help you, refund you, get you your files, whatever you’d like.

  • freakingoofy46@yahoo.com (as of Oct 30 2015)
  • mkmwitmer@hotmail.com (as of Nov 7 2015)

I can’t get in touch with you.