If you didn’t get your download, read this

Some people leave email addresses that just don’t work.
Others make typing errors (like .nnet)

It’s a royal pain in the ass. I don’t want to violate your privacy by Googling or Facebooking my customers, but sometimes I have no alternative. In some cases, people simply can’t be reached. Even the verified email of their Paypal accounts bounces or has other problems, like a special verification protocol that my payment system can’t handle. (Don’t buy stuff using those kinds of email addresses, seriously.)

Will the following people please reach out to me on a DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS so I can help you, refund you, get you your files, whatever you’d like.

  • freakingoofy46@yahoo.com (as of Oct 30 2015)
  • mkmwitmer@hotmail.com (as of Nov 7 2015)

I can’t get in touch with you.