Alternative payment methods

Don’t want to use Paypal? Worried about buying an erotic eBook and what will show up on your statement? Would you like to pay with Bitcoin? I can help!

If you want to buy my books, but have no Paypal account, I’ve got your back, Jack:
Get Best Sister Ever on Amazon Kindle. Via the free Kindle app you can read it on any device. Delivered within seconds. Sorry, my other books are not yet on Kindle.

Creditcard workaround: you can still Pay with your creditcard via Paypal, even if you have no account. When you’re at the Paypal overview page, click ‘Pay with a debit or credit card(here’s an image with a big arrow) and you’ll find a regular credit card payment option. No signup required! However, some creditcards won’t allow purchases via Paypal.

Payment via Bitcoin: you may want to shoot me an email first, because I don’t check my Bitcoin wallet very often. ronemail

If you want to buy my erotic eBooks, but you are worried that the flawed, corrupt and hypocritical legal system in your country or state will cause you problems, then please DO NOT BUY THE BOOKS.

However, I do recommend a short treatise I have written on the subject of the beauty of God’s creation. It is a very spiritual book. (And it happens to cost exactly the same as the bundle that contains The Reluctant Guide, Best Sister Ever,  An Audience With Carstairs and And The Winner Is but that is purely coincidental.)

If you have any issues with your download (say, when you accidentally receive the wrong files: don’t laugh, it happens more than you’d think), please contact me via ron@thereluctantguide. Allow 1-2 days for a reply (I’m usually faster than that), but be assured you will receive what you wanted in good order.

If you want to pay with Bitcoin, please contact me directly so we can make arrangements.

Go with God, my friend.