Payment methods and refunds

As of 2021 I accept credit card payments. These are handled via

I also offer Paypal, as I have done since 2014. You can use your Paypal credit or a credit card, they facilitate both. Using cards without an account with them was and is always a bit cumbersome, hence the addition of Stripe. Feel free to use them if you like.

As of 2021 I also offer Express Checkout, so you can use Apple Pay or Google Pay on your mobile device. This option will be the default if available on your device, but pick any option you prefer.

If you did not get a receipt with download links within a few minutes, something went wrong. It might be a typo in your email. Do reach out, I’ll have a look.

Notifications and payment failures or other issues

Whenever someone makes a purchase I get an alert on my phone from either Paypal or Stripe. I am also notified of failed payment attempts. In some cases I see multiple payments for the same book. In those cases I will try to reach out FIRST, so that I can put your mind at ease and let you know you won’t have to start a dispute with your card provider.

I’ll generally know what you are talking about if you contact me, should something be unclear. Do reach out, I am happy to help! Use:

ron's email

Refund policy

I offer refunds. Just ask. No need to start a chargeback or any kind of appeals process, just send me an email if you didn’t like what you bought. All refunds are processed via the service used for payment, which in the case of means it can take a few days.

Obsolete methods

I used to offer Bitcoin and Litecoin. I no longer do, because it was rarely used and a very bad deal for me in terms of various fees. Also, cryptocurrencies aren’t real money, they’re mostly used by gamblers, tax dodgers and separatist nutjobs who want to go live in the woods.

I used to offer a bundle under the name ‘A Treatise on Christianity‘ which actually contained three of my books. It was to hide the name of your purchase on your credit card statement. It was only ever used once and so I no longer offer it.