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Best Sister Ever is now available as an audio book. More info here.

The Protocols of Carstairs isn’t yet a full audio book, but you can get a free 90 minute audiobook version of chapter 1.

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Smart, sexy and funny: The Most Hated Man. Get it right now for $11.95: 

To purchase the hit comedy erotica novel and start of the series, Best Sister Ever:

To purchase the sequel, An Audience With Carstairs:

Book 3, And The Winner Is is the size of BOTH previous books combined! Massive fun:

To purchase book 4, The Trials Of Carstairs, which made the trilogy into a series:

Book 5, This Is Your Carstairs Speaking, is set in Rome and Doha, Qatar.

Book 6, Carstairs of Arabia, follows Martin King as he infiltrates the highest levels of Saudi society as his alter ego Reginald Carstairs, to exact a terrible revenge for the death of his friend.

Book 7, The Protocols of Carstairs, wraps up the Arabian Adventure in spectacular fashion.

Book 8, The Arabian Aftermath, deals with life after Martin comes back from Saudi Arabia. 

Book 9, But Who Am I, follows Martin as he prepares for a new role and grapples with ghosts from the past.

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Get the complete short storyBest Sinterklaas Ever‘, a precursor to ‘Best Sister Ever’ free!
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Listen to a free 89 minute professionally produced audiobook version of The Protocols of Carstairs right here or on YouTube. It covers chapter 1.

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20 thoughts on “Webshop

  1. Just finished “Carstairs of Arabia” and now I’m faced with the long desert, waiting for the next novel in the series. Thank you so much for entertaining all of us, your followers!

  2. read all 4 of the carstairs books , the first 3 where awesome the last one was a little flat in terms of not a lot adventure stuff but still very good to read
    any idea when the 5th book in the carstairs series will be placed in the shop ?

    1. I hope to finish the fifth book this year. That’s about all I can say. If you’re on the mailing list, you’ll be the first to know!

  3. I am on my second (or third) reading of every book you have published, and am currently reading “Trials” again. I’ll soon be out of Dudderie goodness to read. Is there a new book in the works?

    1. Yes, I’m working on a new story. It is so large I may have to split it up into two books. And I have ideas for several other books, but whether I write them or not I can’t yet say.

  4. wonder if the books will ever be available on google play store or on istore. It would create yet another form of payment? just a thought and by the way enjoyed the sister stories

    1. Hi Paul,

      Best Sister Ever is available on iBooks. This is handled via Smashwords, which ‘supplies’ many eBook stores. Like Amazon, they’re not very good for authors. They decide the maximum price, they hang on to our money for ages (2 months on Amazon) and they take a massive, entirely undeserved cut. The best way to support my work is to use my website.

  5. When will the fourth Carstairs book be able to be purchased that you mention in the final chapter of the winner is?

  6. Hi Ron,

    I wanted to buy the “Get Best Sister Ever and An Audience With Carstairs and save $3.00” bundle, but I can’t find it in the bundles section.


    1. Thanks for considering a purchase. I updated some bundles after I wrote another couple of books, so that one is no longer available. I guess there’s a blog post or something out there that still refers to it. Sorry about that! – RD

  7. Ron, read four of your stories and want to purchase ”and the winner is” but have only a computer , will i be able to download the story? alun

    Yes, absolutely. In fact, I prefer you use a computer so you won’t come back in a few months to tell me you lost the files you downloaded via your tablet 🙂 Though that happens, just email me and I’ll help you out.- RD

  8. Love your writing…especially the subtle, self-deprecating humour from the protoganist. However, the price for the trilogy albeit well deserved, is a bit steep for me (and I’m sure for your other fans / fellow readers in India) :-).

    Will probably wait to read it chapter by chapter on SOL. Apologies for not appreciating you with dollars… But you and your writing do get a lot of heart felt praise from me.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I do understand $10 is rather a lot for some, but you are very welcome to read along on SOL or Literotica. With a little patience, you’ll get to read the entire book. And you can see the lovely covers I’ve had made on the website 🙂 RD

  9. Eagerly looking forward to the next book in the Carstairs series, and anything else you might be working on. Keep it up!

  10. After finishing the Best Sister Ever, I saw a link at the end of the book to An Audience with Carstairs.

    The page is set up as if it is possible to buy the preview, and states “You can buy An Audience With Carstairs (145 pages) by click here.” But there is no place to click and buy the book 🙁

    Let me know if it is available for purchase, as I love your stories.


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