The Trials Of Carstairs

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The Carstairs Trilogy became a series in 2016 due to popular demand.

Back in London after his adventures in the United States, Martin returns to a life as he knows it: behind a desk, as the interim IT manager for Keller & Fox. Kelly has become part of his family and that is exactly how he likes it.

However, just as Martin always feared, the showbiz lifestyle has not left Kelly unaffected and she makes it very clear she wants to make her own decisions. Martin is not her dad, as she keeps reminding him.

When Kelly ends up in hospital, his inner Carstairs awakens. Together with Kate, Caroline and Susan he starts to hunt down the man he holds responsible. The chase results in a dramatic scene where Martin King finally meets his match. Will this cost him his friendship with Kelly?

The chapters about the birth of Martin’s son and his bizarre wedding day are exclusive for those who buy the book: these sixty pages will NEVER appear online.

2 thoughts on “The Trials Of Carstairs

  1. After reading and the winner is on Literotica, which I think is the best of the series so far, I saw that Ron had written a fourth book in the trilogy (much like Douglas Adams). I knew I had to read it but rather than purchasing it I bought Ron’s whole collection. I started by rereading “Best sister ever”, which I loved, and then continued through the series. The trials of Carstairs is different than “And the Winner is”. A little more serious as it shows the transformation of Kelly from shy teenager to young adult and Martin’s difficulty in dealing with that transition. As a parent of two teenage boys, I can appreciate the challange. I loved the wedding (and all that goes wrong) and the interpersonal relationships between Martin and all of his friends, especially Caroline. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series. Keep up the excellent work Ron and I will keep coming back for more.

  2. After I read your Best Sister Ever in Literotica I followed the links to your webpage. So far I have enjoyed your writing, especially the humour. Same sort of thinking that Bill Bryson or Terry Pratchett. Looking forward to your next effort.

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