Coming soon: The Protocols of Carstairs

It’s coming along nicely and will ‘drop’ in the summer of 2021: The Protocols of Carstairs, which is the end of the three book ‘Arabian Adventure’ story arc that started with This Is Your Carstairs Speaking.

In This Is Your Carstairs Speaking Martin and his family get involved in a terrorist attack on the London underground. Martin loses someone very dear to him and swears to get even by finding those responsible (and by racking up a considerable body count on ‘their’ side as a bonus). Since he has recently met a Saudi prince, Martin has a way into the dark kingdom that seems to be behind the attacks.

The middle book, Carstairs of Arabia, tells the story of Martin getting close to the Saudi royal family, and one member in particular. With less than the bare minimum of MI6 training Martin kills anyone who stands in his way, which results in a spectacular act of revenge. But just when he is about to leave the country there is an obstacle.

In The Protocols of Carstairs the story concludes. Martin helps the Saudi prince Omar to convert a large supply of gold into cash, which will no doubt fund something evil. Martin intends to find out what it is and stop it, but to do so he must placate a Mexican drug lord who wants his sister to rise to stardom. An unwilling Martin King, aided by Peter Fox, has to put together a big Las Vegas spectacle. But it is all in a good cause, because when Omar’s plan is uncovered nothing can stop Martin from exacting a very personal and bloody revenge, with a grand finale set deep in the Saudi desert.

Status: 90% finished. Only some connecting scenes and one large scene in Mecca need to be written. There is also no cover at this time. This will be the largest book in the series.

When this book is completed, the Full Dudderie 2017 collection will be updated. There will be a discount if you own one or both of the previous books in this story arc.

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