The Carstairs Series

a line-up of book coversThe Carstairs Trilogy became a series in 2018 with the release of The Trials of Carstairs. Latest addition: Carstairs of Arabia. Coming soon: The Protocols of Carstairs.

I didn’t plan to write a trilogy series, but after posting Best Sister Ever online at Literotica, it was clear people wanted to read more about Martin, Kate and Melody. That’s why I wrote a sequel, An Audience With Carstairs. But even that wasn’t enough: so many of you wanted still more of their weird and wonderful romances and adventures. Well, there was enough left for Martin to do, so after a few months I completed And The Winner Is. After rave reviews and hundreds of comments on Literotica, of people telling me they wanted more, more, more of Martin and his friends, I wrote The Trials Of Carstairs and This Is Your Carstairs Speaking. My last book is Carstairs of Arabia, but the follow-up The Protocols of Carstairs is nearly done.

Together, these books have become The Carstairs Trilogy Series. They chronicle  the life of a man who thought he had lost it all, but found love in the unlikeliest of places.

Some ratings of Best Sister Ever on

Your kind comments (hundreds of them) and massive ratings (thousands of those, on various websites) have made it clear you very much enjoy the bond between Martin and his girls, not to mention the insane adventures he ends up in and his dry commentary on his own life.

Still, there are other stories yet to be told, with other characters I’m sure you will like just as much. Do check out my other books, The Reluctant Guide and The Most Hated Man.

The Carstairs Quintet bundle contains the first five Carstairs books. It will be replaced by the Carstairs Octet bundle in 2021, with the release of The Protocols of Carstairs.

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  1. Are these books in print? I have purchased them twice and lost them twice, last time two days ago. Would like to be able to read them over and over.

    John, I’ve sent you fresh download links and a partial refund, because you don’t need to buy the books again if you lost the files. Thanks for your purchases! – RD

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