The book is done

I never set out to write a book, you know. All I wanted to do is to see if I had it in me to write an erotic story, preferably something a bit better than the trashy stroke-stories you find on all those free sites. There are some gems there, sure, but there is a reason those stories are free.

In 2015, after having read more than a few erotic stories, I decided to have a go for myself. I wrote 3 chapters of this book and posted them on Within days, a few thousand people were hooked on my story. People took the time to send fanmail. (Each and every reader comment on this site is genuine, I’ve just cleaned up the formatting.) My story scored an 8 out of 10 in a community dedicated to erotic tales, but out of 150 voters, 49 gave my story a 10. As it turns out, my scores were so high their scoring system didn’t believe my scores were true!

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I was amazed. I never intended to write a book, I just wanted to see if I could at least write a few chapters that were as good as I wanted other erotic stories to be. Well, as it turned out I could and I was not the only one looking for both a super sexy story, but also a properly written one. And so I wrote at night, for many weeks. Whenever my wife went to bed, I’d start my second job as a writer.
I set up a complete story, began keeping notes, rewrote several sections and posted chapters once every few days on a website for lovers of erotic stories. As soon as I did so, thousands of people devoured the new chapters.

My book is finished now and I can’t tell anyone I know about it. Not my wife, not my friends, nobody. But I can put it out there, for you to read.

You too can read this book on your tablet or phone. There will even be an audio book version soon. You can try the first 3 chapters for free. If you like it, why not buy the book? It’s cheap and you’ll have it forever. Plus, I might write another one!

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