Webshop support

Don’t leave support requests as article comments!
They get buried in tons of spam posts!

I’ll help you out personally whenever there is a problem with any of the files. Contact me via ron's email with the name (false or not, I don’t care) and the email address used for your purchase.

Please remember I am a one-man band and I do occasionally sleep. Give me some time to respond, please.

Lost your files?
Did your download links expire?
Want the most up to date version of the book(s) you purchased?
Most of these issues can now be fixed via the self-service page!

If the self service page doesn’t work for you, no problem. Just let me know the email you entered when you purchased the book. I can look up your purchase and send you fresh links. I don’t need Paypal transaction numbers etc. unless I can’t find your purchase right away.

Whenever you buy a book, you will be given a download link right in your browser as soon as you paid. You’ll also get a conformation email with that same info. Or you should. Sometimes my mails are marked as spam, I can’t do much about that.

Here are some things I’ve learned so far:

  1. WIndows 10 and Explorer cause download problems.
  2. So do some download managers.
  3. McAfee thinks one of my ePub books is a virus. It isn’t.

Remember to store your downloads on your computer OR your tablet/phone. On your computer it should be simple enough: check your downloads folder. On a tablet or phone, you need to save that file somewhere, for instance Dropbox or iBooks. Here’s an article to help you with that.

If you lost your eBook files (and some people do), you can ask me to resend the download links. I’ll generally do so within 12 hours. I’ll need to know the email address where you had the files sent to originally. If you don’t know, tell me your Paypal email address.

You should have gotten a conformation email after purchase, but it may take up to 10 minutes to arrive.  Check your spamfolder. If it’s in there, it would help a lot if you took the time to mark it as ‘not spam’. After all, it isn’t. Didn’t get any email? Well, get in touch with me.