Best Sinterklaas Ever

Best Sinterklaas Ever is a free, short story that can be read as a prequel to the Carstairs Series. It is set seven years before the events of Best Sister Ever and is told from the perspective of Kate, as she and her brother Martin have an insane adventure during the arrival of Saint Nicholas, friend to all children, in the Dutch city of Leiden.

However, I recommend you start with Best Sister Ever.

My short comedy story Best Sinterklaas Ever can be found as a free eBook download on iTunes books, on Amazon or here:

The reason I don’t offer it directly is because I need you to go through Amazon or iTunes Books so I get more downloads and more publicity there. It’s one of the few ways I have of getting some publicity.

However, Best Sinterklaas Ever is included in all Carstairs bundles. See the webshop for those.

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    1. I’m allowing this comment for the sole reason that it’s exactly the kind of misplaced anger that might be felt by one of my characters. At the START of a book, that is. Before he comes to his senses. – RD.

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