Reader comments for Best Sister Ever

Best Sister Ever was published in serial form on, where it was read by many thousands of readers. Here is a selection of their comments, which have been edited for brevity, grammar and lay-out, where needed. All comments are anonymous, even if left under a user name on the site. Here is a PDF of a typical comment page at the time, which I saved. So as you can see, the comments format asked for headlines at the time.

Totally awesome series here
Really great writing here – probably the best snappy dialogue that I have seen in the past 30 years or so. The running commentary is really great and contributes greatly to the story. The jokes are sometimes a bit over the top for an American but I enjoyed them so much that I had to stop reading several times I was laughing some much that I was crying…. Keep up the good work – I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Bravo, sir…..bravo! I can’t recall the last time I looked forward to reading a story as much as this. I’m anxiously awaiting future chapters, and to see where the characters go. Honestly, this is such a good read, that it could be a book I’d find on a shelf at Barnes and Noble. Please continue on for MANY more chapters.

Very Entertaining Fun Story
This is going to be a good series if the next chapters are this entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

Very impressive
Unlike anything I’ve read on this site before. Beautifully done. I’m hooked.

Well done
You’ve done a great job setting the rest of the story. I guess a lot of readers here don’t like investing in a good story – so fuck ’em. I like the care you are taking with the characters. And only a few writers have the magic to do that in a single page (and I’m not one). I’m in for more and I hope, for God’s sake, you find this guy’s mojo!

This is literature
Really good. It sounds like real people that love each other.

– This makes me alternate between giggling like an idiot and cringing. Very entertaining.
– I’m hooked i need the next chapter – great humor in the banter with the neighbor – loved it.

Just Some Good Old Fun Writing
Thanks for telling a story that’s just a good read!!

I’m in love with Kate
Who wouldn’t be?

Excellent story
Really well written story, great character building. I feel some may think of the main character as a wimp but I would strongly disagree with them… There are folks like that and I assume this is story where he is finding his niche so I would ask all detractors to be patient and give the story a chance to unfold. Like most metamorphoses it will take him a while to reinvent himself.

As in really, really good.

Keep it coming
The dialogue and story line are great. Don’t stop.

Solid 5
I’d rate it higher if I could. Love the witty dialog. More chapters please.

I found this one of the most compelling and intriguing chapters.
Different strokes for different folks, obviously. In this chapter we see a transition beginning, from stupid wimp to gun-shy but intelligent contributor. While the details of the sex scene were odd, how could they not be? This guy is a sexual neophyte. Diana should go ahead and start inquiring about his past sexual history if she really wants to understand and engage him as a man, rather than just as her current fuck partner.
So while it was one of your more subtle and less substantive chapters in terms of plot progression, for me it shows a turning point for severe of your characters. I like your writing. Thank You for your time and talent.

I love that this is a STORY
I am invested in both of these characters, and that is what keeps me looking for the next chapter. Well done.

Just keeps getting better…makes me want to know what is coming next…sure holds my interest. Thanks!

It’s hard to express
just how good this is. Please keep it coming without interruption.

Excellent Writing.
Very enjoyable reading.

Excellent Work!
One of the better written stories here. Love the development, so different from most stories I read on this site. Engaging characters! Eagerly awaiting more!

Great plot
Great plot how Martin has to rebuild his life after firm went into liquidation. Good details of theatre work and I like timely humour. You spent time to develop the characters and Kate is a fascinating person and lovable

Good series
I adore this series and it becomes one of my favorites on Literotica. In the beginning, we read mostly about Martin’s thoughts, feelings and experience. When Martin and Kate actually interact, it is fascinating. I wish I could read Kate’s thoughts.

I am REALLY enjoying this story. Plot and charactet development is paced perfectly. Look forward to subsequent chapters.

your story telling skills are great… please get the next ones fast.. absolutely hooked on this story line

This is so good!
You are one of the best! Love your style! You stroke the perfect balance between abundant wit, humour, great storyline, and romance. Not an easy feat. Helluva good job!

Please continue on for MANY more chapters
Bravo, sir…..bravo! I can’t recall the last time I looked forward to reading a story as much as this. I’m anxiously awaiting future chapters, and to see where the characters go. Honestly, this is such a good read, that it could be a book I’d find on a shelf at Barnes and Noble.

I laughed my ass off while reading this!!!
I had to stop several times and wipe my eyes. Very funny!!

I need to replenish my stock of fives (out of fives)
You’re earning them faster than I can print them. This was funny, moving, sad, happy, laughing, crying all in one. The audience was not the only one using up the rain forests, this reader was sniffling away too. Who needs sex? This is much more fun. Well done for the umpteenth time

Laughed my ass off
Witty, charming just laugh out loud funny, this story had it all. I cracked up, get mad at or with, feel sad and sympathize a lot with the characters and not a lot of these stories make me do that. Wince at mistakes or problems, shake my head at actions or simply sigh with annoyed understanding and for that I thank you.

Unless you write you have no idea how hard writing what you’ve just read is. Writing something as witty and clever as this is extremely difficult; I know, I’ve tried and failed. Any half educated, horny teenager can post his masturbatory fantasy here, and God knows too many have, it takes a real mind to write a full story that is entertaining, fun and erotic. Congratulations to the author for an extremely entertaining chapter! I can’t wait for more!

Wow, how clever was that? Amazing!!
Good stuff and drama. And, oh, fuck the fucking. I mean, fucking is good and all, but we get that by the slop bucket full on this site. Truly clever wit, drama, and poignant back stories, not so much. So thank you for raising the Literotica IQ about 50 points with this story. Just wonderful.

Great read
You my sir have me hooked. Being from Dutch descent myself I do understand your use of Dutch idioms and the swear words you used too. I can so relate to this brother and sister and the undying love they have for each other. It makes me wish my family was closer both in physical distance as well as emotionally. Keep this story going for as long as you need to because each installment brightens my day….

I’m as far...
from having a foot fetish as anyone on the planet. But that scene was still somehow very romantic. A remarkable author.

Quite the unknown stud
Amazing what the constant mind nipping of a partner will do to the best of us. When you are really appreciated as a person or lover, there is no ceiling. When you are used and abused, even mentally, you doubt your worth and value. Are some of these other woman help from the sister. or are they “free” spirits that see something very good. Martin is like a flower that is being nurtured and is beginning to really bloom. Struggling to feel his worth, and oh so wanting to be……complete, if that is the word.

More please
Thank you. I wish to lavish praise on your use of the English language as a comedic medium.

Take my 5 stars!
You’re doing such a good job! Your playing with the language and i love it! Keep on going! I can’t wait for the next chapter!

A pleasant surprise
It has been quite some time since I have came across a story that captured me as much as this one has. I can’t wait to see where you take this story, and I am loving the level of development you are using. Can’t wait to see more from you!

I visit for a personal quickie… but have been captivated and read all 18 chapters in the last 3 days! excellent. lets have another chapter! and be quick about it!!! hahahah

My daily treat
Your excellent series is a daily treat for me. I check this site and enjoy each chapter. Great writing, good humour and still going strong.

More chapters please
please do not stop this series before 100 chapters. I can’t see why a large number of possibilities are not possible with the plot that you have nurtured. Reach chapter 100 and your readers will still be with you. All the best for future chapters.

Love Your Series here. Real Story, Real Plot, and Still sexy enough often enough for a wank if wanted lol. but its an actual Story that is thought out, and being the nerd I am I Love that fact. Hell you even keep the Pacing and add a few twists too.

I think your pacing is spot on
Martin should not have any idea that his younger sister has the hots for him. This is a REAL story, not a Literotica Special where the siblings are fucking before the end of the first page. I think this story is fantastic, and I look forward to each new chapter.

Best laugh I’ve had in a long time
Not a thing to do with a fresh mouthful of hot coffee. Right out the nose. That’s painful I tell you. Love the story.

I went ahead and bought the novel
Not sure if that was a feliberate strategy on your part or a fringe from Lit’s slow posting times. Excellent marketing, if so. I’ll refrain from spoiling anything, but good Lord are the comments going to explode when you get to the end!

Hard to believe for some, but
…there are a great many men and women who even at the age of 40 are sexually naive. Martin is an exceptionally nice man, always kind and considerate of others. Martin has never been selfish enough to take what he wants, and is has enough pride to suffer in silence rather than ask or plead for something. Apparently, many of the commenters here don’t understand that someone like this exists, but he is one of the most “real” characters in any story I’ve read on this site. I look forward to each new chapter. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Never knew I was an addict till this story came along
But God this is so very good. Main liner al the way.

Kudos for this great series with some emotional roller coaster ride
The story merits its high score. I hope you may post ‘Audience with Carstairs’ on this website in the future. Great job.

Much love to Ron Dudderie
I just recently found this series, and have ate through the chapters can’t wait for the last three. The story is very entertaining. I love the way you pull “Phil Smith” into it and the improv of Who’s on first. Brilliant! Keep up the great work!

I have followed this story from the start
and I get upset when I get to the end of the chapter. They end to soon! I want more, but such is life. Keep up the fine writing!!