Look at those ratings!

This story was originally published via StoriesOnline.com, where a community of perverts connoisseurs of the erotic genre gave me incredible feedback, support and… ratings!

In fact, one in three readers gave my story a 10 out of 10! This sounds unbelievable, so I made regular screenshots of the statistics page, which I’d like to share with you.

Here we see the stats at 123 votes. 38 readers gave a me 10, 37 rated the story a 9 and about 30 felt it was worth a very respectable 8. I had published up to chapter 15 at that point.
I have no idea why the downloads  are at 8984, because if you add them all up it actually comes to 36,841. You could consider those page views, not individual readers.


Below are the stats when I had reached chapter 20. 60 out of 178 votes were a 10. That is one in three! But what is wrong with that average? Surely the average of (60*10) + (50*9) + (40*8) + (30*7) + the remainder is much closer to 9? (These bar graphs are hard to read, I’ve made conservative guesses). Well yes, but scores on StoriesOnline are often manipulated so the site uses a median score rather than an average. I can guarantee you I haven’t been fiddling with these scores. In fact, I haven’t even voted once even though I’m allowed.



And here are the stats at 178 votes. (Reached when I had published chapter 30.) Again, the figure for ‘downloads’ is too low. And some people have made the effort to try and take me down in the rankings, by giving me a 1, 2 or 3. Good luck fighting those 71 people who gave me a PERFECT TEN!!!


So yeah… I think we can safely say people like this erotic book. You should buy it. 

Stats at 214 votes are below. Still going strong!