Guestbook of ‘The Reluctant Guide’ erotic eBook

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Ron Dudderie

4 thoughts on “Guestbook of ‘The Reluctant Guide’ erotic eBook

  1. Best $10.00 (US) I can remember spending. I lost a lot of sleep reading TRG, well worth it! I read Best Sister on line (literotica), waiting for second book.

    Please keep writing.

  2. Great writer! Love the Best Sister Ever series and happy to see it’s a trilogy at least. (I could read 20 books rather than just 3 about these characters so I can hope for more)
    The Reluctant Guide is also very funny. Love how both Martins are very smart and funny.

  3. Hi Ron,
    reading a story on SOL set in UK is a rare treat, especially one as absorbing as TRG. There have been a few comments about you needing a proofreader – possibly because of the little inconsistancies that point to a non-native speaker of English (or was this an intentional part of the plot line?. Why common usage of my mother tongue should have you sit on a (dining) chair, a settee or sofa, but in an armchair is beyond me, but there you go.
    So, excellent story, keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next one.

  4. Hi Ron,

    Nice story, wish it was my biography. (sigh) As an expat (grew up in the Smoke I love it when someone from Blighty turns up on SOL with something good. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    Thanks for sharing.


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