The Most Hated Man

the most hated man coverProfessor Doctor Pjotr van Voogt tot Burema is the smartest man he knows. Not smart enough to understand why his wife left him, but still pretty smart. He lives in Amsterdam, in an academic bubble where he finds himself king of the hill.

His most recent scientific publication involves women, and how they use the fact that men can’t live without them to their advantage. His theories are, to put it mildly, not well-received.

Forced to go into hiding, Pjotr slowly discovers there is more to him than an angry, weedy, clumsy professor. Then he meets Angel, who is literally a truck stop whore.  Her life is an absolute disaster and their first meeting does not end well. She also happens to be the only person on Earth that Pjotr can bring himself to care about. Or is she?

Ron Dudderie once again takes you on a fantastic voyage and introduces you to a host of delightful characters you will come to see as friends. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll laugh till you cry as you follow this gripping, sometimes erotic tale to its unexpected end.

Contains explicity erotic scenes. All characters depicted are 18 or over. Not suitable for minors.

12 thoughts on “The Most Hated Man

  1. Hi, Ron,

    Don’t know if SOL lets you know when one of your stories has been reviewed, but here’s a review I wrote of “The Most Hated Man”:

    Ron Dudderie writes interesting (and often long) stories, with more than a touch of droll humor.

    In this book as in his others (“The Carstairs Trilogy”, etc.), Ron’s primary characters are from Holland, so maybe they have a more droll sense of humor than we do here in the USA. They certainly have a somewhat different vocabulary. All I know is that he writes in a way that keeps me laughing (or sometimes sad) throughout, because he uses interesting phrases that are so unexpected.

    “The Most Hated Man” is about a Dutch Economics professor in his mid-40s who writes an article trying to evaluate how women compensate for the 30% lower income they get by using their looks and actions (“the supply of pussy”, if we’re being crude) to get what they want or need.

    As usual in today’s society, no one actually bothers to understand the economic details, and a radio broadcast that makes him seem to be calling women whores causes a riot of furious women.

    In a highly unlikely plot turn, he is rescued from being roasted by rioting women who instead burn his house down, and he comes to the frozen northland of America with a new identity to wait out the mobs who want to burn him at the stake.

    In the USA, he has a whole new life, and a man who has never done anything to fend for himself (full service gas stations only, please), meets a highly disturbed young hooker named Angel (‘Angela’) and his life changes even more.

    I don’t want to give away any more of the plot than this because the story is a long one and well worth your time. I enjoyed it tremendously, waiting anxiously for each new installment to be posted. The good news is that Ron only starts posting a book once he has finished writing, unlike some authors who get started and then experience long droughts in between chapters.

    If you’re going to read it, do so soon, because he tends to pull his stories off of SOL once they’ve finished posting for a month or so. If you miss it, or it goes away before you finish, you can purchase a .pdf copy from his website.

    Hope you enjoy it, and laugh as hard as I did in the appropriate places. If you get a chance, try The Carstairs Trilogy, too.

  2. Great story, very well written. I was especially pleased to find it set in my stomping ground. I am curious to know if you lived for a time in the area, maybe as an exchange student.
    You seem to know a lot about the area, but there are a few minor inconsistencies, such as, there is no IHOP in the area (closest one is 100 miles away) and people don’t call them a truck loaded with tree trunks, they are just called logs, ie. log trucks hall the wood, loggers cut the trees down.

    Thanks for the great read.

  3. Ron,
    I guess I’m behind the curve, because Its almost Christmas and I just finished reading it. Took me one and a half days (I converted to Mobi, want a copy?). There should probably have been a disclaimer on the forward, “Do not read at work or any other place that you may be embarrassed by leaking eyes”. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, as I have all you works, but I think this one was special. Maybe because as a 4 or 5 I found it easier to identify with this Martin. I have to admit that even though as I read of Angel’s behavior I thought (oops, spoiler removed -RD), I was upset at the reality (?). Thank you again for sharing your talents.
    Highest regards,

  4. Ron,
    I just read this one for the second time. It was even better than the first time. No only are you a funny guy, but you are also very skilled at tugging on my heartstrings and extracting tears from my MALE eyes. I love all your stories, especially the Carstairs trilogy. Hoping that you have more of your stories coming out soon!


  5. Devoured the book in one sitting. (All right, two sittings.) Was delighted to see familiar characters return in “The Most Hated Man.” Love both Martins.

  6. Thanks Ron, once again a great read. You made me care about the characters, even when I didn’t like them. And you made me laugh.
    Looking forward to your future work. I’d be very happy to read more about either Martin.

  7. Just finished reading this novel. I enjoyed your satire and humour throughout the novel but I couldn’t understand the mind boggling description of the canal districts of Amsterdam and its relevance to the story as Pjotr is scurrying frantically back to his home.

    Overall this novel is very good reading with plenty of humour.

  8. Devoured it in about six hours of dedicated, fervent reading and then had to reread the Carstairs trilogy (soon to be a series!) Highly enjoyed it, and very much looking forward to your next work.

  9. Thank you, had a great time with the book. As usual, you made me chuckle and tear up once or twice. Great work.

    Thanks, Jorge!

  10. Hi, just finished your book.

    I found the first 100 pages or so (iPad made it into 930 pages) a struggle as it’s very wordy with much text extraneous to the plot. After that it settled down to be a good read.

    As you say the ending is a little odd with the god thing, but never mind it didn’t really detract from anything from my personal point of view.

    So there you go, another very good story from that dirty books chap!!

    My books are nothing if not ‘wordy’, I’ll cop to that. Thanks, Tony.


  11. Thank you thank you thank you. It’s Christmas in July-no wait, Easter in March-oh, it already was. So The Lost Weekend, as I’ll get nothing else done but read this. Glad to hear two more Martins on the way. Hope things are going well with the new kid, I presume providing new material.

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