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These are absolutely genuine reader comments, gathered from when The Reluctant Guide was first published chapter by chapter at I have removed the authors names and email, for obvious reasons. Emails came in at various points along the story line, so people just guessed what would happen next. I have reformatted most entries, to be easier to read.

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Wow! You are by far one of the most exceptionally talented writers that I have encountered in 10 years on this website. I am actually sitting on the other end of the couch from my wife laughing my ass off and making up reasons why. This story and its characters have touched a nerve deep inside of me. Your humor, wit, sarcasm and story telling are truly a breath of fresh air. I find myself googling nearly every word, phrase or reference that I don’t get so that I won’t miss out on even the smallest detail.Thank you for telling such a fantastic story, I can hardly wait for more.

I’ve been reading stories like his for years and this is the first time I’ve ever written to an author. Just wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying your work, and I can’t wait for each new chapter.

Very very good. I haven’t laughed so hard at a story in a long time. You have a great talent for mixing terror and slapstick. Well done!

I look forward very much to your next ‘episode’.

The most amazing story I’ve ever read!!! It’s funny… witty… sad… brilliant! Thanks for an amazing story to read.

This story is ab-so-lute-ly fucking brilliant!! It had me in laughing my head off one minute, then it went deadly serious the next! What a story!! (From a note on an internal favourites list on StoriesOnline)

Builds up slow, but fascinating. (From a note on an internal favourites list on StoriesOnline)

Wow! He just keeps getting in deeper and deeper; and I love that he’s still mostly clueless. Really enjoying the story, looking forward to more as you’re able.

I’m loving your story! Easily the best story currently active on SOL. Thanks.

Mr. Dudderie, I am quite enjoying your story. I keep expecting your hero to understand what to do and take greater command. He has begun to do so. I think he should let the wife watch the niece with him and vice versa. Hopefully, the teacher could join, too.

Fun story with a mystery. And now Martin has women coming out of the woodwork after him. I also enjoy the dialect. Looking forward to more of Martin’s adventures, thanks.

So when does Scout arrive? (I’m a dog person.)

Heya, just wanted to tell you how much I love this story. Sure I am only at chapter 9 but I love this guy. He tries to do the right things, and his sarcasm brings me to big smiles all the time. Hope you have as much fun writing the story as I have reading it and also hope to read more of you.

Hi, I just finished chap 22. So far, I have enjoyed your story completely. It looks like you have Linda headed toward being another submissive, but I’m content to wait and see. I have laughed out loud at times – Martin is very witty. Thanks for that. He’s such a gentleman – literally a gentle man. Chapter 22 made me sad, too. I guess I’m identifying with Martin way too much. But that’s what a good story should do, right?
I don’t care if Martin ends up with a harem – but please make him happy. One shouldn’t live life looking in the window.

Really enjoying your story, and seems to be getting deeper as it goes on. A small point, but you did ask;- Torquay is not in fact the end of the line. The train from Newton Abbott terminates at Paignton, the next stop on from Torquay. Thereafter it is a half-hour steam
train journey on a private line to Kingswear on the River Dart. Popular in the summer with tourists.

Just a quick note to say how much I’m enjoying this story, and how interesting a spin it is on the sub-genre of middle-aged guy and teen-aged girl.

Feel free to add your comments to the guestbook


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