About the book

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From the author:

In 2015, after having read more than a few erotic stories and never getting past page 5 before I gave up on them, I decided to have a go for myself. I wrote 3 chapters of this book and posted them on storiesonline.com. Within days, a few thousand people were hooked on my story. People took the time to send fanmail. (Each and every reader comment on this site is genuine, I’ve just cleaned up the formatting.) My story scored an 8 out of 10 in a community dedicated to erotic tales, but out of 214 voters, 76 gave my story a 10. (I can back these figures up with stats!)

I was amazed. I never intended to write a book! I just wanted to see if I could at least write a few chapters that were as good as I wanted other erotic stories to be. Well, as it turned out I could and I was not the only one looking for both a supersexy story, but also a properly written one. And so, encouraged by the comments, I wrote at night, for many weeks. I set up a complete story, began keeping notes, rewrote several sections and posted chapters once a week. As soon as I did so, thousands of people devoured them. My book is finished now and I can’t tell anyone I know about it. Not my wife, not my friends, nobody. But I can put it out there, for you to read.

You too can read this book on your tablet or phone. You can try the first 3 chapters for free and you can even get that as an audio book! If you like it, why not buy the full book? The average adult reads at 300 words per minute. That’s TEN HOURS of reading pleasure!!! (184.000 words at 300 words per minute makes 613 minutes or 10.2 hours.)

Frequently Anticipated Questions:

Q. How pornographic is the book?

Very. There are detailed descriptions of sex throughout the book.

Q. How much emphasis is there on the incest part?

Sex with a minor is not something the male protagonist is in to. He is merely lonely and finds it hard to resist the attention and the attempts at seduction of this young girl. Her age means he is extremely nervous to get caught, but also means he feels protective of her and he wants to stop her from venturing out and making terrible mistakes. If she were an adult, he would and could have simply sent her away and there would have been no story.

Q. Does any character have sex against his or her will?

Only the male protagonist is sometimes reluctant, none of the female characters are forced or unwilling in any way.

Q. What if I send you money and you don’t send me a book?

Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem for all e-commerce, but particularly here. You’re not likely to go and complain that your dirty book hasn’t arrived, are you? But ask yourself this: why would anyone write three brilliant chapters and then NOT write the rest of the book? What kind of conman has it in him to write a brilliant opening to a book, only to try to earn 10 measly bucks per sale? And if I am, in fact, a very stupid thief… it’s 10 bucks. You spend that at McDonalds on a Friday night when you’re drunk and don’t even remember it. Also: the book is just a digital file. It costs me nothing to send it to you, not even postage. Assuming I wrote the book, why not send it out? I want you to read my book! The only remedy for this is if I create a PDF of the book with every other word blacked out, as proof that it exists. And that way, madness lies. ‘What if there are no words under the black sections?’ etc.

Q. What if I don’t like the rest of the book?

That’s kind of how it works with books. At least you get 3 chapters free. But I’m sure you’ve bought books simply because the 100 word blurb on the jacket looked good, haven’t you? If you’re that worried about misspending 10 bucks, may I suggest you get a library card instead?

Q. Is this book legal?

Writing and publishing this book is legal in The Netherlands. Selling it may not be legal everywhere. Possessing it may also not be legal. In some places, while it is technically legal companies will not want anything to do with it, because of the subject matter. If you think that buying a PDF and reading it on your tablet, phone or desktop is going to get you into trouble, I would suggest two things:

1. Do not buy the book and
2. Emigrate.

Q. Why not just make the female lead character 18? Or better yet, 21?

Because then the premise wouldn’t work. Women of that age don’t need or desire men to guide them towards sexual maturity and if they do (fat chance) the men they ask them to do so do not have to live in constant fear of discovery and jail time.