About the author

The author of this book wishes to remain anonymous. His pen name is Ron Dudderie and he breathes a mixture of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, with some trace gases for which he does not take the blame. He does not have a 15 year old niece, he is not a father, he never comes near any young girls (or boys) and he emphatically states that this book is not aimed at kiddie lovers but at men who have forgotten, or have maybe never even experienced, what is like to be desired by a woman. Some of us were never invited behind the bike shed. Some of us never got to spin the bottle. This book is for all of us.

Starting a search for Ron might lead you to some people involved in the administrative side of this project. Leave them the fuck alone, please. This book was written in The Netherlands, where writing and publishing this story is completely legal.

Ron may be contacted via email if you type his first name, last name and then @yahoo.com in the appropriate app or website. He’s got shit to do, so don’t expect an immediate reply.