The Reluctant Guide

Pssstt…. Looking for ‘Best Sister Ever‘,’An Audience With Carstairs‘ or ‘And The Winner Is‘? If not, read on!

Cover1_400“Martin is 42. He is married, but the spark has long gone. His young niece, Elizabeth, decides he should be the one to introduce her to life, love and especially sex. Martin however, is not in the mood for prison food. But what if he sends her away? Who will Lizzy turn to then? After all, she has some pretty extreme desires…

And so starts a journey that is equal parts exciting, terrifying and absolutely hilarious!”

For a few years now, women have had their ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. And what did men have? Lots and lots of dirty movies. But what if you wanted a story? A proper one, with well developed and likeable characters, lots of laughs and, most importantly, extremely sexy scenes? Well, you were out of luck. Until now, that is!

The Reluctant Guide is a highly erotic book about forbidden desires. In fact, many portions of it are downright pornographic. It is also a shocking book, as it details the seduction of a married man by a young girl. And finally, it is also a hilarious book, as the main character is an extraordinarily bright and witty person you will fall in love with (hey, in a manly way!) within a few pages. He is breathtakingly honest about his own failures and weaknesses. The story is set in the South of England in the present day and uses the modern tools at our disposal, such as tablets, phones and the Web. This makes the narrative feel fresh and allows for new ways for characters to interact.

The story contains elements of incest (a young woman seduces her uncle), foot fetishism, a tiny bit of pee sex, sexual submission, female cuckolding, many graphic depictions of sex with several very different women and breathtaking but also hilarious set pieces in a well developed, mature story. It caters to men of all ages.

The book does NOT contain: gay sex and unsavoury descriptions of bodily functions or involuntary sex. Also, there are no images whatsoever and the focus in the relationship between uncle and niece is not the fact that she is young, so much as that she is inexperienced and wants him to safely guide her towards sexual maturity.

There is a free sample available for the first three chapters. To read the entire book, please visit the ‘buy the book’ page. Your purchase will be extremely discrete.

Reading is believing. The first THREE chapters of this amazing book, awarded 10 out of 10 by 1 in 3 readers, are yours to read or to listen to absolutely free. That’s 45 pages or almost 3 hours of audio. I’m sure you’ll like it and want to read the full book, which is over 270 pages long. Read genuine reader comments here.

None of the events have any basis in fact. No persons described in this book actually exist, except for a few celebreties who are ridiculed in obvious jokes. (Apologies to Sue Perkins, Alan Titchmarsh and Rolf Harris specifically.) Featured locations, shops, restaurants and the like are based on a cursory glance at Google Maps or a Yelp review, if that.
This is entirely a work of fiction.