The Full Dudderie 2022

The 2022 bundle contains:

  1. Best Sinterklaas Ever – free short story which predates Best Sister Ever (*)
  2. Best Sister Ever, part 1 of the Carstairs Series
  3. An Audience With Carstairs, part 2 of the Carstairs Series
  4. And The Winner Is, part 3 of the Carstairs Series
  5. The Trials Of Carstairs, part 4 of the Carstairs Series
  6. This Is Your Carstairs Speaking, part 5 of the Carstairs Series
  7. Carstairs of Arabia, part 6 of the Carstairs Series
  8. The Protocols of Carstairs, part 7 of the Carstairs Series
  9. The Arabian Aftermath, part 8 of the Carstairs Series –
  10. The Most Hated Man – standalone novel

* Best Sinterklaas Ever is only available as a proper eBook as part of a bundle on my site, although it can be found for free elsewhere on the internet. Just not as an eBook.

Separate purchases come to $116.55 USD. Your discount: 23.6%

Please note this is not a subscription: once you get this bundle, any new books are best purchased separately. I also run promotions from time to time. I do not guarantee that this bundle is always the best deal: there may be combinations that work out better. I try to avoid that, but I won’t guarantee it. Such is the nature of promotions.

This bundle replaces the 2021 bundle, which still contained The Reluctant Guide. I no longer sell that book. The 2021 bundle is no longer available. If you bought it, you can still retrieve your purchases.