The Arabian Aftermath

This story is best read after completing Carstairs of Arabia and The Protocols of Carstairs, as it contains spoilers for those books.

The Arabian Aftermath describes what happened after Martin came back from his Arabian Adventure, the three book story of his self-imposed mission to avenge a friend. Because as the saying goes: ‘You can take the psychologically scarred fake butler out of Saudi Arabia, but…’

Follow Martin as he tries to pick up his life again. Melody has emigrated, Kelly is still livid and MI6 frankly doesn’t believe a word of his reports. The British public wouldn’t mind some answers about his disappearance, either. As per usual, nothing turns out as you’d expect.

Release date: August 16th, 2022. Version 1.0.6.
Word count: +150.000
Download includes a PDF and an ePub version.

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