Reluctant Guide / Most Hated Man combo pack

This bundle combines two stand-alone novels. The Reluctant Guide never appeared on because it has an underage character in it, but it shocked and delighted thousands of readers on, who gave it incredibly high marks.

The Reluctant GuideIn The Reluctant Guide a man is confronted with the sexual awakening of his niece. All he wants is to keep her safe. Sending her away is therefore impossible.

In The Most Hated Man, a university professor gets into trouble when his paper ‘The Female Currency’ makes him public enemy number one.


the most hated man coverSave $5 with this bundle and get two massive, stand-alone novels by the master of erotic comedy (you know I’m writing this myself, right?), Ron Dudderie.

Warning: The Reluctant Guide contains explicit sex scenes with a teenage character. Read the FAQ if you’re worried.