Best Sister Ever

Best Sister Ever erotic ebook coverIn Best Sister Ever, we meet Martin. He is 40 years old and hard at work in an empty office, dismantling the company he has built from the ground up. His bankruptcy cost him his life’s work and his marriage. With hardly any money left, he retreats to a small cottage somewhere in the woods around the Dutch city of Amersfoort.

His sister Kate, 16 years his junior, finds him there and takes him to London. She hooks him up with a job in showbusiness and so begins a mad adventure where he meets several amazing women who do much to rebuild his confidence. Martin ends up on stage and as a TV sidekick, but will he get back his career? And what is Kate’s secret? She’s obviously in love, but with whom?

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This is first part of the ‘Carstairs Series’, which consists of:

  1. Best Sister Ever
  2. An Audience With Carstairs
  3. And The Winner Is
  4. The Trials Of Carstairs
  5. This is Your Carstairs Speaking
  6. Carstairs of Arabia
  7. The Protocols of Carstairs
  8. The Arabian Aftermath

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Current version: 1.2.2 Updated April 2023. This is the full, ‘hard-core’ version. All versions you buy anywhere else (such as via Amazon) have been redacted; some sex scenes have been omitted. This includes the audiobook. However, THIS is the full version.

NEW! Best Sister Ever now out on paperback via Amazon! (link)