Best Sister Ever audiobook

This is the audiobook version of Best Sister Ever. It has been slightly redacted to make it more marketable. Still, it’s over 98% of the original novel. A few scenes have been spruced up with sound effects.

Runtime: 16 hours, 27 minutes. (WHAT?! Yes. This took MONTHS to produce.)
Chapters: 27
Download size: 866.2 MB

Listen to a free sample (first five minutes of chapter one)

What you’ll get is a ZIP file with 29 tagged MP3 files. Drag them to iTunes or however you get MP3-files on your phone and just start listening. Might be best to use a dedicated audiobook app, so it will remember where it left off. But I’m not your mum, you’ll figure it out.

F.A.Q. (frank, anticipated questions)
Does this purchase include the book in any form?
Sorry, no.
Can I get a discount if I own the book?
Sorry, no.
What if I don’t like it? Or I can’t get it to work? Or my cat eats my earbuds…
You get a refund.
Just like that?
Just like that.
So I could just…
Yeah. And I hope you do. At least you’re interested!