Best Sister Ever audiobook

This is the audiobook version of Best Sister Ever. It has been slightly redacted to make it more marketable. Still, it’s over 98% of the original novel. A few scenes have been spruced up with sound effects.

Runtime: 16 hours, 27 minutes. (WHAT?! Yes. This took MONTHS to produce.)
Chapters: 27
Download size: 866.2 MB

Listen to a free sample (first five minutes of chapter one)

What you’ll get is a ZIP file with 29 tagged MP3 files. Drag them to iTunes or however you get MP3-files on your phone and just start listening. Might be best to use a dedicated audiobook app, so it will remember where it left off. But I’m not your mum, you’ll figure it out.

F.A.Q. (frank, anticipated questions)
Does this purchase include the book in any form?
Sorry, no.
Can I get a discount if I own the book?
Sorry, no.
What if I don’t like it? Or I can’t get it to work? Or my cat eats my earbuds…
You get a refund.
Just like that?
Just like that.
So I could just…
Yeah. And I hope you do. At least you’re interested!

Ron’s 3 Book Starter Pack

We all love a special offer, don’t we?

But buying TEN BOOKS all at once, or even seven, is a bit daunting. Who reads 10 books a year, anyway?

Well, why not buy this selection of three wonderfully funny and sexy books at a nice discount and if you love them (and you will), I will subtract the cost of this bundle off my first TEN books. So you won’t need to buy them twice!

Book 1: The Most Hated Man. More info here.
Book 2: Best Sister Ever. More info here.
Book 3: An Audience with Carstairs, the sequel to Best Sister Ever. More info here.

animation of three book covers falling into placeWhen you purchase this bundle, your email address will become a discount code that will give a ONE TIME discount of $24.95 upon checkout if you ever decide to get The Full Dudderie 2022 bundle. And I’m always ready for personal support, even years later, if you run into any kind of issue using this offer. Unless I’m dead, but in that case we can agree my problem is bigger than yours. So offer good until author dies or just to be reasonable here, until 2 years after purchase, whichever is sooner. Also, no tricky combo’s, I’m trying to feed my cat here.

Heck, if you don’t like these books, I’ll give you a refund. Seriously: if this is not your cup of tea, just shoot me an email and I’ll hit ‘refund’. I’m just happy you gave it a shot!

Honestly, I can’t do better than this. Trust your uncle Ron (*) and start reading in mere minutes. Oh and just like with the best coke dealers out there, your first hit is free!

(* not an uncle in Delaware, the Cayman Islands and Argentina. Not financial advice. Void and prohibited. Please stand clear of the moving doors. Wash hands before and after use.)

The Full Dudderie 2022

The 2022 bundle contains:

  1. Best Sinterklaas Ever – free short story which predates Best Sister Ever (*)
  2. Best Sister Ever, part 1 of the Carstairs Series
  3. An Audience With Carstairs, part 2 of the Carstairs Series
  4. And The Winner Is, part 3 of the Carstairs Series
  5. The Trials Of Carstairs, part 4 of the Carstairs Series
  6. This Is Your Carstairs Speaking, part 5 of the Carstairs Series
  7. Carstairs of Arabia, part 6 of the Carstairs Series
  8. The Protocols of Carstairs, part 7 of the Carstairs Series
  9. The Arabian Aftermath, part 8 of the Carstairs Series –
  10. The Most Hated Man – standalone novel

* Best Sinterklaas Ever is only available as a proper eBook as part of a bundle on my site, although it can be found for free elsewhere on the internet. Just not as an eBook.

Separate purchases come to $116.55 USD. Your discount: 23.6%

Please note this is not a subscription: once you get this bundle, any new books are best purchased separately. I also run promotions from time to time. I do not guarantee that this bundle is always the best deal: there may be combinations that work out better. I try to avoid that, but I won’t guarantee it. Such is the nature of promotions.

This bundle replaces the 2021 bundle, which still contained The Reluctant Guide. I no longer sell that book. The 2021 bundle is no longer available. If you bought it, you can still retrieve your purchases.